Dog adoption: a key moment

More and more conscientious people are opting for the adoption when it comes to acquiring a dogThe number of abandoned vehicles on the roads is increasing every year, especially during the vacation season, despite the numerous campaigns that have been carried out to counteract this phenomenon.

The responsibility to adopt

However, before adopting, it is important to be aware that this is a long-term step, and, just as when buying, it requires the commitment of people to care for and maintain the animal in good condition, whether it is bought or adopted.

When we adopt a dog, it is usually already an adult, that is to say, it may still have seven to ten years of life ahead of it. Dogs are faithful animals and need affection, therefore the commitment of the owners is important. A dog, even if adopted, will require care and expenses just like any other dog.

The first thing to adopt is the commitment and sense of responsibility, then we must take into account our schedules and lifestyle, as well as the type of dog we want.


Among the tips that stand out is to be well informed of the advantages of adopting adult dogs, as their adaptation periods are usually good. Depending on our habits we can choose one or the other: if we are sporty we can choose a dog that needs exercise, but if we live busy lives, we should choose a dog that does not need to go out so much.

If we have other animals, we will have to see how they adapt to the new tenant, so it is advisable to evaluate it well before deciding, as well as if we have children, since the adopted dog may not be used to dealing with them.

When the dog is with us at home, it is advisable to take it quickly to a veterinarian for a check-up, as well as to find out as much as possible about its previous life, since it may have traumas that can become problems if we do not know about them. On the other hand, we must give the new tenant time and space to adapt to the new situation.