Purebred dog vs. mongrel dog, which is the best?

When choosing a pet that will give us affection and companionship, the ideal is that love for the animal itself takes precedence over its characteristics. Some people, however, prefer to opt for a purebred dog over non-pedigree or mixed-breed dogs, with the idea that they are better in many ways.

As a result, we collaborate with an animal market that can become cruel, and we leave aside the possibility of giving love to a little animal that needs it very much too. In reality there is no one choice better than another, although there are pros and cons in each case, which must be considered in order to make a fair choice.

Pros and cons of choosing a purebred dog

A dog with a pedigree is undoubtedly magnificent, and it can be a source of pride to own a particular breed. The crosses have achieved physical and instinctive qualities that can be good in several aspects and there is no doubt that they overflow with beauty.

However, choosing a fashionable dog such as, for example, a pit bull can be problematic if its needs are not recognized and measured according to the family’s lifestyle. This may lead to the abandonment of the animal.

It should also be known that purebred dogs are prone to certain diseases, many of which originate from inbreeding (between relatives). Therefore, some dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, heart problems or even epilepsy.

This implies an extra expense in veterinary medicine and is a source of concern for owners, who do not like to see their pets suffer. So, if you are considering a breed, learn about its characteristics and consider everything it might need to have a full life at your side.

Pros and cons of choosing a mongrel dog

Unlike pedigree dogs, mongrels tend to have a healthier life span. After basic care and vaccinations, they hardly require too many visits to the veterinarian. They are less demanding in terms of feeding and are generally easier to care for.

There may be a counter, when dogs are rescued from shelters or from the street, as they may have suffered mistreatment and present behavioral problems. In these cases, you must be patient and consult a trainer or animal behaviorist about the best way to help him. It is important that the relationship prospers, so that this new opportunity you are giving her is not wasted.

In itself, whether you choose a purebred or a mixed breed dog, you must recognize its value as a living being and as a member of the family. Take care of it, love it and be faithful to it. He would do everything for you.

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