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How to train your parakeet for free flights

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Budgerigars need at least a couple of hours each day of free flight to achieve their well-being. But, before doing so, it is necessary that you train him so that he can enjoy the activity and the experience does not turn into a chaos. In this article we tell you how to make him confident and have a fun free flight every day.

How to train it

The first time the budgie comes out of the cage it is likely to do so with fear and fly in a chaotic manner. This may be a bad idea if the bird is older than six months, because it is likely to be very difficult to train. But if you start early, the process will be easier.

It’s about him gaining the confidence to get out of the cage and the confidence to get back in. It is convenient that the cage is located in a place integrated to the life of the home. It is in this space that you can begin to let him practice free flight. The first thing is that he must get used to your presence and know that he is in no danger at your side. Activities such as reading nearby or working will suffice.

After this, try reaching into the cage a little at a time. If you see him panic, back off. When you get your hand in the cage, try moving it slowly and gently. The next step will be for your hand to have some food that appeals to him until he eats from your hand. It may not happen the first day, but at some point it will perk up.

When your parakeet is used to eating from your hand, you can offer him his first free flight. Make sure there are no open windows or doors. Open the cage and let him out. Do not make any sudden movements and simply watch it as it flies. The moment it perches near your height, gently approach it and offer it your hand with some food. When it settles down, you can gently pick it up and put it back in the cage.

After some time, it will not be necessary to give him food, but you can always use it as a reward.

The most important thing to remember is that the process should be done gradually and without haste. Each stage must be completed before advancing to the next. You need to develop a bond of trust, so you can grab it and put it back in the cage.

Budgies: Why free flights are important

You may not have noticed, but a cage is a confined space that can be overwhelming for your bird. Free flight allows birds, in this case budgerigars, to enjoy some freedom and exercise. In addition, with the training tips we have shared you will be able to develop a deeper bond between you and the bird. You will also be able to gain their trust.

It should be remembered that budgerigars are capable of recognizing people. They can also learn who their caregivers are and develop a closer relationship with them.

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