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How to recognize if your cat is overweight

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Excess weight in pets is a problem that is becoming more and more widespread in cities. It should be remembered that any animal with extra kilos can present health problems, so it is advisable to avoid overweight. If you want to recognize if your cat is overweight, you can check it the way we tell you in this article.

Recognizing an overweight cat

You may not be able to tell at a glance if your cat is overweight. That is why we give you the following tips that will help you to know if your feline pet is in shape or overweight.

  • Palpate his ribs. To find out if he is overweight, you should be able to touch and even count your cat’s ribs under the skin. You may notice a thin layer of fat and that will not be a problem. But if you find it difficult to differentiate and feel the ribs well, it is likely that your cat is overweight.
  • Look at the areas where the bones protrude. For example, the hips, spine, ischiae and shoulders. All of these areas of your cat’s body should be able to be located by superficial touch. If they are not visible or are covered with a thick layer of fat, the cat is overweight.
  • See the figure from above. Ideally, your cat’s body shape when viewed from above should have a slimming in the waist area. That is, behind the ribs. A cat that has no waist or an abdomen that is wider than the chest is an obese animal.
  • Look at your cat in profile. A cat in good shape when viewed in profile should have an upward curve to the chest. If the abdomen area has a downward curve when viewed in profile, you are probably overweight.

What to do

If you detect that your cat has any of the signs described above, it is time to take action to help your cat lose weight. The first thing to look at is the amount of food you eat each day.

It is possible that the portions you are eating are too large. It is also possible that he eats a lot of treats or extras that only bring weight gain and its consequent health problems.

It is also important to check if your cat is getting enough physical exercise. Sometimes adult cats go through periods of sedentary lifestyles and it is more difficult for them to move. You can motivate him in different ways such as scratching platforms or different toys that entertain him and at the same time allow him to move more.

Finally, it is necessary to point out that if your cat is overweight, it is advisable to be evaluated by a veterinarian. In many cases it will be enough to simply reduce portions and increase exercise to lose weight, but in other cases the cause of excess weight may be due to different causes. Therefore, regular veterinary visits are essential for your pet.

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