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Things you should never do with your dog

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anDogs are some of the most faithful companions of human beings. Millions of households around the world have dogs as pets and develop important emotional bonds. Having a pet dog at home also means having another member of the family. However, there are certain things you should not do with your dog and in this article we tell you some of them.

It is important to know that sometimes people treat dogs as if they were another person and this can often do them more harm than good. Remember that the physical and emotional well-being of your dog depends on you.

Things you should not do with your dog

1. Think of yourself as a person

Many people talk to their dogs as if they were small children. Although this may seem like a loving and affectionate attitude, it must be remembered that this is not a child but exactly a dog, with needs and its own conditions of its nature. While a dog can be an excellent companion animal, over-humanizing it can bring serious damage to the well-being of your pet’s body and mind.

2. Excess of permits

Education is an important part of your dog’s care. It is necessary to invest time in giving him affection and pampering him, but it is also necessary to educate him to prevent him from growing up with behavioral problems or having a bad socialization with other dogs or even with people. This means that you must teach your dog limits and to comply with some rules for the best coexistence.

3. Let him socialize

Dogs tend to be very social beings. You will be able to realize it when you take them for a walk: they like to greet people and, of course, also their own kind. If you punish or avoid this type of behavior, it is very likely that you will create a problem for your dog that can later lead to various socialization disorders. So even if you don’t feel like saying hello, let your dog do it.

4. Don’t lock or tie it up

There are few things that are worse for a c than leaving it locked or tied up. A constantly tethered dog can develop serious socialization problems. Remember that being tied up is always a very bad thing you will be doing to your dog. Even if you have a dog as part of the protection of your home, you have to remember that it is a living being and not a living alarm.

5. Abandonment

Many times dogs are abandoned by people due to different circumstances, when the reality is that dogs tend to get attached to people and create important bonds of affection and trust. When you abandon a dog, it will not understand what is happening and will suffer a lot. That is why before you decide to adopt a dog, you must be sure you can take care of all its needs. Dogs need companionship, exercise, play and socialization with other people and dogs. If you can’t make that commitment, you might as well not get a dog.

6. Take him to the veterinarian when he feels sick

Dogs need regular check-ups by a veterinarian. It is a mistake to take it only when you detect that there is a problem, when ideally you should take it twice a year.

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