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5 things that can make your tortoise sick

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Turtles are excellent companions for many humans, however, they are delicate animals that require attention and interest from the owner. As animals are relatively sensitive to certain diseases, the care of their food and environment is of great importance to maintain their well-being. This is why it is important to know the 5 things that can make your tortoise sick.

1. Lack of water maintenance

Water is a fundamental element for turtles, and not only for acoustic turtles. But it is the latter that are most affected by the lack of water cleanliness, which can lead to serious diseases or infections.

The water in the enclosure where the turtle is kept requires routine cleaning. With partial water changes every week, and a complete change every month. Not forgetting that any waste (food or feces) must be removed from the water before it can become a problem.

Failure to use proper lighting

Lighting is a vital ally for all reptiles, and turtles are no exception. Full spectrum lighting is a must in any pond or enclosure where a turtle is kept.

It is necessary to obtain high quality products that emit UVB and UVA light, as they play a fundamental role in the turtle’s health. Such is the case of UVB light, which enables the animal to produce vitamin D.

Even if the tortoise has daily contact with the sun, artificial lighting is required. The fact that UV rays, both natural and artificial, do not penetrate glass, acrylic glass and plastic, stands out.

3. Not having a diverse diet and overeating

Depending on the characteristics of the turtle, it may require a particular type of food to maintain its health in good condition. This is why a balanced and diverse diet is so necessary to avoid diseases or the progressive weakening of the animal.

Another element related to feeding that can be fatal to the tortoise is overfeeding. By instinct, tortoises will consume as much food as they can get their hands on if they are not limited, so they can easily become overweight.

4. Lack of heating and a few minutes in the sun

Sudden changes in the temperature of the water and the environment in general can have a detrimental effect on the turtle’s well-being. Therefore, it is essential that your enclosure maintains the optimum temperature gradient of its place of origin, which is achieved by using heating devices specially designed for this purpose.

In addition to this, it is important that the turtle has an element (a stone, platform) that allows it to be out of the water. The main reason is to allow the turtle to bask in the sun, as well as to rest from the water. This is of particular importance for the animal’s health, especially with regard to shell change, control of certain bacteria and vitamin absorption.

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