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Interact with your fish properly in 3 steps

Interactúa con tu pez apropiadamente en 3 pasos
Escrito por Mundocachorro

Fish offer impressive experiences to people who know how to value their time with them. And not only that, its presence in the home helps to release tensions and fill it with harmony, something that those who have to spend long hours at work will undoubtedly appreciate.

But because they are so different from terrestrial pets, fish have their own essence when interacting with humans; something that every owner should respect and understand. Interact with your fish properly in 3 steps.

1.Remember that they are not like a dog or a cat.

The behavior and physical characteristics of fish are not usually compatible with a life of constant playing and cuddling, an important difference with other pets such as dogs. In the same way, physical contact with their scales could be detrimental to the health of certain fish, and this action is limited to special cases.

It is important to understand that you cannot be taking fish out of the aquarium with the intention of hugging them or holding them in your hands out of curiosity. Interacting with a fish in this way will only hurt it or cause it stress, damaging its health.

2. Be careful when approaching the aquarium.

Fish kept in an aquarium will generally be much smaller than a human, so approaching the aquarium should be done with caution, especially when cleaning the aquarium and feeding the fish. Loud noises, drastic changes in the surrounding light and the aquarium, as well as shocks, should be avoided.

This last point is essential when the person wants to sit and watch the movement of the fish in the aquarium. Empathy is the first step in building a good relationship with fish. Sudden reactions on the part of the person or hitting the aquarium glass can cause severe stress to the fish, developing in them a certain dread towards the person.

3. Learn to move to the rhythm of the fish.

To properly interact with fish, a person must get to know them, understand their rhythm and individual essence. This is achieved by observing them and being curious about them, the more you learn about them, the more affection and respect you will have for them.

Routine is an important axis in the formation of a relationship with fish. If the interaction with the person is positive and maintains a pleasant rhythm for the fish, they will slowly come to regard the person as a part of their home, as another of their companions. But this requires patience and understanding.

Image courtesy of Daniel Rodríguez (www.clarin.com), all rights reserved.