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Do you want tropical fish? Here are 4 tips on how to take care of them

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Tropical fish, both freshwater and saltwater, are among the most eye-catching and relaxing pets in existence. And because of their characteristics, they are also often the first choice for people who are just getting into the world of aquariums.

But like all pets, tropical fish require a certain amount of care to ensure their well-being, care that every pet owner should know. Do you want tropical fish? Here are 4 tips on how to take care of them.

1. Let curiosity drive you

Before keeping a fish as a pet, the first thing to do is to get information about absolutely everything you can. Curiosity about the animal is what will allow the person to get to know it better; what is its natural habitat, its ideal diet, its size, which fish it gets along well with and which it does not, etcetera.

These questions not only make it easier for a person to know which fish is best for him or her, but will also be the main basis for knowing exactly what specific care is required for the fish to be purchased.

2. Fish must be compatible

To ensure the well-being of all tropical fish in the aquarium, they must be compatible with each other. Especially in terms of behavior, habitat conditions and feeding. Mixing incompatible fish, such as placing saltwater and freshwater fish in the same aquarium, or warm-temperature fish with fish from cold climates, will cause a complete lack of control in the habitat and problems beyond a person’s control.

Care should also be taken with the characteristics of the fish chosen, especially with carnivores that may attack the other fish in the aquarium.

3. The characteristics of the aquarium must be adequate

In the care of tropical fish, the aquarium plays a decisive role. Therefore, its characteristics must be designed to meet the needs of the fish to be acquired.

It is important that the aquarium has the necessary equipment, elements such as heater, thermometer, filter system, lighting, gravel, decoration and plants, air pumps, air conditioners and proof of PH, KH, GH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels are crucial.

All these elements should be selected according to the size of the aquarium and the needs of the fish, and it is always recommended to choose quality equipment.

4. Cleaning routine

Aquarium maintenance is another fundamental aspect of tropical fish care. The best option for the individual is to establish a cleaning routine to facilitate the work and avoid stress to the fish.

The aquarium water should be changed gradually and partially every week or every 15 days, receiving a total cleaning every month. Maintenance of aquarium equipment is one of the top priorities for fish owners, especially if you have a lot of fish.

Never use soap or detergents to clean aquarium equipment!

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