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What you need to know to care for your betta fish

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The natural beauty of betta fish captivates thousands of people each year, many of whom make the decision to share their lives with these spectacular animals. However, the lack of knowledge and the misconception that bettas need almost no care to be well, lead to bettas not receiving proper treatment and suffering highly deplorable conditions for their health.

To avoid this situation, it is important that the person is informed and puts real interest in what it means to live day to day with a betta, having as a priority the happiness and welfare of the fish. What you need to know to care for your betta fish is basic and crucial information to provide the best conditions for the majestic betta, also known as the Siamese fighter or fighting fish.

Aquarium for betta fish

Bettas are fish that love to explore, explore their environment and enjoy freedom, so the choice of aquarium is critical. One of the most common mistakes people make is to place their betta in a small aquarium, betteras, cups, glasses or containers, which is fatal to their well-being on many levels. The size of the aquarium should be according to the amount of fish to be kept and always taking care of their comfort.

In terms of dimensions, the aquarium should be wider than it is tall. The aquarium needs to have a minimum of 9.5 liters of water (2.5 gallons) to maintain ideal conditions for a single betta fish, the greater the number of specimens, the larger the size of the aquarium should be. For best conditions, in the case of a single betta fish, 13 to 20 liters of water is recommended.

The sand or gravel used should be soft and fine textured to avoid damage to the fins. The environment is another important factor, natural or fabric plants are the best option, since plastic plants tend to damage the fins of bettas; also be careful if rocks are placed, limiting their quantity and ensuring that they do not have sharp shapes.

Bettas love to have hiding places, so using decorative elements such as castles or even a coconut shell or a log, are details that they will certainly appreciate.

Necessary care for the aquarium

It is crucial that the aquarium water undergoes a cycling and oxygenation treatment before introducing the fish in it, in addition to conditioning the water to rid it of chlorine and other elements harmful to its health. The control of temperature, nitrites, nitrates, GH, PH and KH parameters is key to the care of betta fish, and should be as indicated for this type of fish.

Water temperature should be between 24 and 27 degrees, the ideal being 27 degrees. The water heater with thermostat is a must-have tool for this purpose, especially in winter. The filter is another element that must be in the aquarium, the backpack or cascade filter, with more than one sponge, are the most appropriate for the needs of a betta.

When it is time for cleaning, never use harmful products such as chlorine to wash the aquarium and its components. Aquariums with 20 liters of water or less, need to have their water partially renewed every one or two weeks, if the proportions are much higher, this process will be done every month.

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