5 tricks to stop your dog from begging for food when you are eating at the dinner table

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If your dog is one of those that comes to your table to ask for food while you are eating and this situation is uncomfortable and you want to find a solution, you have come to the right place.

Educating your dog not to ask for food while you are eating at the table is one of the most important habits in dog training.

While it is true that for many pet owners this situation may not be uncomfortable or a problem, you can put your pet at risk by giving them food for human consumption that is toxic to your dog.

Let’s get to know the nature of the dog

To solve a problem you must first understand it. It is known that dogs by instinct are hunters and therefore carry in their genes the need to get their food, this is one of the many reasons that explain the behavior of your dog at the sight of any kind of food. And that is why we are going to give you 5 tricks so that your dog does not resort to this behavior.

5 tricks to stop your dog from begging for food when you are eating at the dinner table

Family consensus

It is of utmost importance to talk to your family so that the dog stops this horrible habit, therefore we must make sure that no family member gives food to the dog while it is at the dinner table. You should also instruct the guest not to give food to the dog at the table.

2. Feed him before

Try to get your dog to eat before you sit at the table to eat. This way your pet will have no interest in what you are eating since it will be full.

3.Ignoring their requests

One trick that never fails is to ignore your dog’s demands while at the table. It is important not to show weakness before him and refuse his requests.

4. Reinforce the prohibition with your voice

If your dog puts his paws up on the table, remove him from the table and reinforce the action with an emphatic “NO” to make the message more direct to your dog. In this way your pet will understand that he can’t be leaning on the table and even more so begging for food.

5. Entertain your pet while you eat

Our best ally to keep your pet from begging for food while you are eating is to give him a toy before you sit down to eat. This way your dog stays entertained and will forget to ask you for food.

Having a dog begging for food when you are eating is not well seen by everyone, so it is vital to train your pet. And remember that perseverance is very important when it comes to creating new habits for your pet.

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