Tips to keep your dog healthy on hot days

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Although summer holds wonderful moments and thousands of adventures to experience, it is also a highly dangerous time for both humans and other animals. As far as the pet world is concerned, dogs are particularly vulnerable to the harsh forces of the sun.

Dehydration, sunstroke, parasites, skin burns, heat stroke and cancer are some of the problems that threaten the health of the furry members of the household. So it is of utmost necessity to apply the necessary precautions for the safety of the dog, through the 5 tips to keep your dog healthy on hot days.

Which dogs are most at risk during hot days?

First of all, it is important to know which dogs are more vulnerable during hot days. Although all dogs are prone to overheating, dehydration, among others, certain dogs have physical characteristics that put them at high health risk in hot weather.

Dogs with short, white coats and pink noses are more likely to suffer burns and develop skin cancer. In turn, dogs of brachycephalic breeds, characterized by flat faces and short noses, suffer from severe complications when confronted with heat stroke and heatstroke.

Puppies and older dogs in general, not having their defenses at their maximum, are also vulnerable to heat waves.

Modify your daily routine and create a place safe from the sun’s rays.

Exercise is something that can never be missing in a dog’s life, but when the hot weather arrives, it is crucial to readjust the routine of walks and games to prevent the animal from overheating. The times for walks and outings should preferably be before 10:30 a.m. and after sunset; the same applies to playtime, even if the animal is indoors.

When it comes to creating a safe place to keep your dog healthy on hot days, shade and well-placed windows are essential. In the summer, it is best to keep your pet indoors, near a fan or air conditioner and with plenty of space around it.

However, as this is not always possible, the person should locate in the yard a place where the sun does not reach at any time of the day, with enough shade to allow the free movement of the dog. Building special roofs or placing awnings is also helpful for this purpose, but even so the animal should not be outdoors during the hottest hours.

Water, food and haircuts

Water must be available to the dog at all times and in all places, with no exceptions. It is an essential element to keep your pet healthy on summer days, it needs to be located as close as possible to the dog’s resting places, and checking from time to time that the water has not run out or that it is too hot.

It is important that the animal has a balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients, especially in the case of puppies, older and sick dogs. The person should take precautions to avoid overfeeding the pet, as well as not giving it too heavy food at midday and at night.

Haircuts are a great ally on hot days, but the person should proceed with care. Dogs with thick and medium coats should never have their hair completely cut, especially breeds such as German Shepherds.

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