What is a gerbil?

Gerbils are rodents that are part of the pet repertoire, although they are relatively recent and so you may not be familiar with them. Their appearance is fun and striking; they look like mice or rats, but with sweeter features, longer hind legs and their tails are covered with fur.

Your personality

They are not the most grateful animals, but they seem to enjoy company and do not attack unless they feel threatened or you hurt them, which makes them a good choice for keeping rodents at home. On the other hand, gerbils do not hibernate in winter, nor are they hibernating in summer: they are generally quiet and do not make noise.


Gerbils are easy to care for. It is enough that they have food and water to survive several days without the slightest of setbacks: let’s say that they will not miss you, although they are social animals and are happier in pairs, so you should consider this option when buying one.

Cage preparation