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How to clean your guinea pig in 6 steps

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The care and cleaning of a pet is vital for maintaining your health in the best condition and ensuring happiness of the animal. However, it is important to act in accordance with the characteristics and individual needs of each pet, as not all pets will have the same needs. requirements in terms of hygiene.

In the case of guinea pigs, it is must respect certain aspects in order to avoid damaging their health. are extremely clean animals that only require human intervention to wash them when they have really gotten into trouble. Being part of the family, it becomes a priority to know how to clean your guinea pig in 6 steps for when the situation calls for it.

General information

The most common doubt that surrounds this subject is the The question of whether or not a guinea pig should be bathed is answered yes, but only when necessary and never frequently. The main reason for why a guinea pig cannot be bathed frequently is due to the fact that have delicate skin and coats, in addition to being especially vulnerable to colds and other diseases such as otitis.

The other reason, which is closely related to The reason for this is that bathing them eliminates the natural protection that secreted by rabbits to keep themselves clean and protect their skin. A guinea pigs should be bathed every 3 to 4 months, and the person should ensure to have the ideal conditions to prevent it from getting sick.

To bathe a guinea pig shampoo designed for the species or for rodents, this kind of shampoo should be used. products are available at most pet stores. It is important to emphasize that a guinea pig should not be washed with products for animals such as dogs, this mainly includes shampoo, shampooing and soap.

In the hygiene of a guinea pig often the nails and hair will have to be trimmed in certain areas that may require may be causing the guinea pig to become soiled more frequently, as it is the case of the rear of these rodents.


Materials needed for bathing to a guinea pig

  • A safe place to bathe the a wash or a container large enough to hold the rabbit. and wash it. The water used should be warm and clean.
  • Shampoo for guinea pigs Indies or rodents, or neutral bath gel without perfumes or silicones.
  • A couple of towels.
  • Comb or small brush with teeth soft.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Coconut water (optional).
  • Moist towelettes or wipes for babies.

Steps to clean a guinea pig de Indias

  1. The person must ensure that that the guinea pig is calm and unstressed before attempting to clean it, since otherwise you could injure yourself as well as have a nervous breakdown.
  2. With the guinea pig calm, it is necessary to take it to the selected place to bathe it, making sure to have all materials on hand.
  3. You start to soak the the bunny rabbit a little at a time, avoiding getting water on its face and ears. Yes If you are going to bathe in a container, the water must not go beyond the height of your chin.
  4. After this, the following should be applied the shampoo around the rodent’s body, again avoiding its face. Then rinse it very well, making sure that not a drop of the product is left. product on any part of your body.
  5. At the end of the bath, you will have the guinea pig should be quickly removed and wrapped in a towel and dried. thoroughly. Here you can use the wet wipes to clean your face, avoiding the nose, mouth and eyes. Then proceed to use the dryer in the lower level, at least 15 cm away.
  6. As an extra, the hair will be styled carefully its coat and coconut water will be applied to its paws for to avoid dryness.

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