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What does my aquarium need to keep a fish healthy?

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Fish are animals that possess a captivating and unparalleled beauty, which makes them a favorite pet for many people. Despite this, fish require specific care to stay healthy and strong in their new home, so it is necessary for owners to invest a little money and time to ensure the best care for them.

What kind of equipment do my fish need?

To keep the aquarium environment stable and suitable for fish life, it is necessary that the aquarium has special equipment to regulate temperature, measure pH levels and ammonia. As well as having the equipment to filter water, lighting, air pumps, among others.

How often should the fish tank or aquarium be cleaned?

The cleaning of the aquarium is an essential element to keep a fish healthy. It is common for fish to die a few days after being placed in the tank, most of the time due to not performing the correct water control (evaluate pH values and ammonia).

The use of appropriate equipment for aquarium cleaning is crucial, as well as regular water changes and testing of the water components in which the fish are kept.

It is advisable to change the water partially week after week. To do so, you should use a siphon, this instrument will allow you to clean the bottom of the tank and regulate the water that flows out of it. You should not throw away all the water in its entirety and you should change it completely once a month.

Remember to pay special attention to the cleaning of decorative elements, filters and hard-to-reach areas of the tank to avoid contamination.

Other items for your aquarium

The decorative elements for fish, apart from giving a more characteristic and special effect to the aquarium, are a great help to make the fish feel comfortable. They allow to supply oxygen and other crucial factors for the aquarium. Decorative elements such as boxes, plants (live or plastic), caves, gravel, among others, should be chosen according to the fish that you have, trying to make sure that they are compatible with the fish species and imitate their natural habitat. You must remember that these elements need to be cleaned on a regular basis along with the aquarium and are a key part of helping the fish adapt.

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