How to feed your fish properly

First of all, you should not overfeed the animals, whatever their species or breed. You’ve probably heard this before and it’s true. In addition to harming your fish, it will also contaminate the water, making the tank an unpleasant habitat. In addition, an excessive amount of food particles clogs the filters, making the water toxic.

What is the recommended amount?

It depends on the type, size and breed of your fish. Throw a small amount of feed into the tank and monitor the fish. The fish should eat its stuffing in about five minutes. Experiment and take notes until you find the appropriate amount. Initially, it is better to feed the fish with less quantity in order not to exceed the limit.

How many times per day should you feed your fish?

Most fish require only once-daily feedings, but given the wide variety, we recommend consulting your veterinarian for your breed’s daily requirements. But keep in mind that a fish eats even when it is not hungry. So it doesn’t make any sense to feed it more than once a day.

What type of feed is ideal for fish?

Some foods are typical of a specific breed. Others are based on whether the fish is freshwater or saltwater. There are even some fish that can eat live food such as worms, shrimp and flies), so be sure to get this information before you buy the fish and take it home, especially if you have species that may be offensive and dangerous to the new creature.

Like other animals, fish require daily nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. Again, consult your veterinarian or fish experts at your local aquarium for the best fulfillment of these needs for your pet.

How and where should you store food?

What we recommend is to store foods in the refrigerator so that they are better preserved and preserve the vitamin content and the best nutritional value. Just buy enough food for the month. This way you can keep your fish as healthy as possible.
It may seem difficult to feed your fish but it’s really not.

These tips and recommendations will be very useful for you to enjoy your underwater pets in a healthy way for them. Give him love and good health!

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