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The ugliest animals in the world

Although unusual to see, not all animals are as cute as your kitten, as cuddly as your dog or as adorable as a giant panda. Besides, beauty is something subjective and superficial about which there is nothing written…. But, since it is not so common to see them and many of them are even unknown, today we want to talk about the ugliest animals in the world.

The blotched fish

blotchy fishWe hope you’ll forgive us if we’re being read by any blob fish, but we had no choice but to put it at the top of the list.

Maybe it is not fair to judge a fish when it is out of the water, but the appearance of this one leaves no one indifferent…

Judge for yourself.



I don’t know about you, but it reminds us of a gremlin. But make no mistake, it is actually a rather strange primate from Madagascar: it has a very long, bony middle finger, incisor teeth that keep growing and ears that are not at all discreet.

Beautiful is not the word we would use to describe it.

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Red-lipped batfish

batfish red lips

Let’s see… we have to admit that with this one we have hesitated. No matter how ugly you are, if you paint your lips in such a perfect red, you will make anyone doubt.

Finally we have included him in this list, but the truth is that although we have to admit that he is ugly, it is also true that he has a lot of style, don’t you think?

Star-nosed mole

star-nosed mole

We have encountered rare animals, but more than this one…. very few!

These strange moles have a bizarre nose composed of 22 fleshy appendages that act more like ultra-sensitive fingers than a nose making it a lethal hunter.

The external tentacles have the function of probing for food. And the internal sensors they have are what help it decide whether the prey is edible or not.

Weird, yes. Ugly, too. But fascinating.

Which is for you the ugliest of all?