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Top 5 most beautiful animals in the world

To find themost beautiful animals in the world we have to face the millions of known species. And each one of them has its own fascinating characteristics.

As for people, it is evident that some of us have more predilection than others for animals; even those of us who love animals, within them, have preferences. And of course, in this case, as in almost everything else, “to each his own”.

In this article we are going to talk about the most beautiful animals in the world. but not because we say so, but because it is the preference of the majority of people.

Will you agree?

Be that as it may, and always bearing in mind that beauty is very relative, what is undeniable is that the animals included in this list are impressive for various reasons…

White Bengal tiger


Its beauty is obvious. It is also an imposing animal that exudes strength and power through its image. As a curious fact, white Bengal tigers tend to be even larger than “normal” pigmented tigers.

Unfortunately, it is a beauty in real danger…

Partly because their beauty makes them a very attractive prey for captivity, for those who profit by exhibiting animals in shows such as the circus and also for poachers.

The panda bear

Is there anything cuter and more endearing than a panda bear?

Their charming black and white spots that make them even more endearing and their good character and docility when interacting with people, have made them one of the most beautiful and beloved animals.

Sadly, the panda bear, native to China, is also endangered.

panda bear







Siberian Husky

One of the most beautiful animals in the world is relatively close to us, as it has become an ideal pet.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and striking dog breeds, partly because of its wolf-like appearance and partly because of its spectacular, piercing, sky-blue eyes.

As we said, today the Husky is a relatively common pet in many countries, because although they are genetically prepared to live in areas with very low temperatures, they have been able to adapt to other environments.

But they were originally used to pull the sleds of the Chukchi tribes.

siberian husky











The dolphin is one of the animals most appreciated by humans.

Maybe it’s their intelligence, their appearance that makes them seem to be always laughing and transmit happiness and joy; or maybe it’s their affable character…

The fact is that it is not only one of the most beautiful in the world, but also one of those that most easily steal our hearts.



Mandarin fish

Probably the most unknown of this list, the mandarin fish.

However, it is not surprising that it is on this list, because it is a really striking animal.

Any lover of underwater photography has it among their most desired snapshots. Something that is not easy, since this fish only comes out at night to mate.

A curiosity lies in its name, it is called Mandarin because of its resemblance to Chinese dragons.

mandarin fish



Which one is your favorite? And, which one would you add to this list?