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My parrot does not talk

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When we acquire a parrot, we do it with the illusion that it will talk to us. The parrot is one of the most companionable animals. Especially recommended for people who live alone and need a conversation partner, although we can not pretend to debate with him on great philosophical issues of life, the truth is that with a little patience we can get a surprise, because parrots are very smart animals.

How to get my parrot to talk

The first thing you should do when a parrot arrives home is to calm down and, above all, let him calm down and get used to the family and the house. Understand that he has just arrived in a new place with unfamiliar people, like all beings, he will be overwhelmed, scared and distrustful. Give him time.

Practice one approach each day, try to get him to eat from your hand, stroke his head, let him climb on your hand, etc. Take him out of the cage for a walk, but make sure that the doors and windows are closed so that he cannot escape, and also so that he is not in danger of hitting himself.

The more integrated the parrot feels in the family, the happier it will be and the more receptive it will be to talk and show its happiness. At lunchtime, share salad, fruit, bread or fresh cheese. As you share your moments with him, talk to him as if he were just another child in the house. The parrot will learn the words and your instructions. Don’t teach him swear words or eventually everyone will get fed up with him for being rude.