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My dog has suffered a miscarriage

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Although the arrival of a new member to the family is one of the most beautiful and magical news that exists, this joy is sometimes marred by an unfortunate event. bitches there is also the risk that the pregnancy may be terminated through no fault of their own, i.e., bitches also suffer miscarriages. Sometimes abortion is an unavoidable experience because it is foreseen that the pregnancy will cause health problems in our pet or that the puppies will be born with some malformation that will diminish their quality of life.

What to do if we suspect that our dog is carrying her pregnancy badly

The first thing to do is to submit our dog to veterinary check-ups so that the professional can control the gestation. In spite of the precautions, a miscarriage can occur, which, as in humans, can be due to various causes: death of the puppies, bacteria, anomalies, hormonal problems, accidents, parasites, etc.

Other times, if there are risks due to the animal’s poor health or age, the veterinarian may advise to terminate the pregnancy. Ideally, it should be performed before one and a half months of gestation. In this case, after examining the dog by means of ultrasound and analysis, you will know the condition of the dog.

The usual method consists of giving the bitch, in a very controlled manner, two injections that usually contain different doses of antiprolactins, corticosteroids or antiprogestins. The process usually has no side effects and the animal can go home.

The telltale symptom that a bitch has suffered a miscarriage is the usual vaginal bleeding.