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Keeping a pet duck: What you need to know

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If you have a small garden, having a pet duck can be an interesting and fun option. The fact is that these friendly birds have certain qualities that will allow them to integrate into the home quickly. However, there are certain things to consider before adopting a duck.

For example, the first thing to know is that not all countries allow the keeping of ducks in urban areas. In fact, there are some areas where poultry are not allowed as pets. Check the regulations for the area in which you live before planning to have a duck. Some areas allow only a certain number of poultry to be kept.

Care for a pet duck

Keep in mind that having a pet duck may require more care than a chicken. For example, they require plenty of fresh water, constant cleaning and shelter from predators. You also need to know that ducks do not do well in cold climates. They are usually quite noisy, so this is another thing to take into account beforehand.

  • Coop: The coop must be completely enclosed and predator-proof. It does not need to be very high, because ducks, unlike chickens, do not fly. Floor space must be taken into account so that they can circulate comfortably and enter and exit as they please.
  • Enclosed patio. A fenced yard is the best option for the ducks to have an enclosed and secure area when they are out of the coop. Ideally, it should have protection against natural duck predators such as hawks. Even if you are in an urban area, hawks and other such birds are attracted to domestic ducks as prey.
  • Swimming tub. Ducks love to swim, splash and be constantly in the water. That is why you must provide them with a bathtub for swimming. However, the water tends to get very dirty and needs to be changed daily. The recommendation is that it be large enough to allow them to enjoy, but also that it can be easily cleaned.
  • Food. It is not advisable to feed chicken feed to ducks because they have different nutritional requirements. There are exclusive duck feeds on the market and that will be the best option.


Ducks, contrary to popular belief, have their own personality traits. In fact, each one may have certain conditions that you will have a lot of fun getting to know as individuals.

Another advantage of having a pet duck is that they can live for ten to fifteen years with proper care. They tend to lay eggs more regularly than hens.

As they are manure producers, they can be very beneficial for gardening. In fact, they tend to be less damaging to garden landscaping than chickens. They also tend to eat a lot of insects.

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