5 fun things to do with your cat

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Doing different activities with a cat companion helps not only to strengthen the human-cat bond, but also allows the feline to enjoy better physical and mental health. Keeping a cat entertained is complicated and often depends on their personality, which is why it is advisable for the owner to know the 5 fun things to do with your cat.

1. Play hide-and-seek

Cats are naturally curious and love to catch things, especially when they receive a prize in return. Playing hide-and-seek with the kitty, either directly or using a stuffed animal, is an activity that will allow him to drain energy and in turn, strengthen the bond with his human.

2. Boxes and mazes

Boxes are one of the felines’ weaknesses, which is why they love everything that has to do with them. A box, along with a toy or snack, can entertain a cat for hours; but they can also be combined with other elements of the feline’s environment to create an even more entertaining experience.

For this, the creation of mazes and circuits is fundamental. The person can use several boxes of different sizes, plastic or cardboard tubes, toys and some household furniture to design a challenging and attractive maze for the animal.

Don’t forget to place prizes or treats at strategic points in the maze!

3. Interactive toys and the famous Kong

Any game or toy that allows the kitty to exercise its mind as well as its body is worthy of admiration. Especially because these types of activities have a positive influence on the feline’s health, thus preventing it from suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.

In this area, toys such as the Kong are the most recommended, as they maintain a perfect balance between these elements in addition to providing the cat with treats. However, with a little ingenuity and patience, a person can create an interactive toy that will take their cat companion‘s breath away.

4. New technologies

With today’s technological advances, a variety of virtual games have been designed to entertain a cat. Some of these games consist of trying to catch fish or lights in a device. Others focus on having the cat perform activities such as drawing, making sounds, or imitating games of dunking a ball.

5. Catch and chase

With a sturdy string or rope, and a small eye-catching toy, the cat is sure to have a good time. Cats love anything that makes them run, jump and use their hunting instinct. That’s why chase and catch toys are so appealing to them –cat entertainment guaranteed!

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