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I choose a gerbil

I choose a gerbil

Gerbils are the type of hamster that has recently become a fashionable pet. Although very similar to these, gerbils have a long tail that makes them a very peculiar animal. In fact, the gerbil is considered to be a direct ancestor of the common hamster.

With a life expectancy of 3-4 years, gerbils come from desert areas, so they love to hide and will be great in burrows and tunnels. For the same reason we must be careful not to lose sight of them if we have them in a garden, lest they disappear under the ground.

Gerbil feeding

Since they are omnivorous animals, gerbils eat everything. The ideal is to feed it with feed sold for them, this way we will guarantee that it does not lack any nutrient and stays healthy. In addition to small pieces of fruits and vegetables. Avoiding citrus fruits that can harm you.

As a treat, from time to time we can offer our gerbil a few sunflower seeds.

It is important never to give them human treats, as salt, spices and other seasonings are harmful to their health.

Of course, never lack fresh, clean water.

Your home

The ideal home for a gerbil is an aquarium or a covered terrarium with enough material for burrowing and hiding. In a cage, the animal would want to escape and could hurt itself on the bars.