Games to share with your dog

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Dogs are energetic pets that constantly seek our affection and attention. In other words, we can consider dogs as small children, and, as such, they have great needs to play. It is also good for us as owners, because we get to know our pets and do activities together.

The hiding place

This game is more fun if two or three family members participate, even more. It consists of hiding (while holding the dog) and calling the dog. When the dog finds someone, it will be rewarded with a treat and encouraged to find the next person.

Find it at

Take something he likes, either a cookie or a special treat for dogs, show it to him and leave it in a visible and accessible place for your pet. Tell him “fetch” and allow him to pick it up. Repeat the action adding a little difficulty: put the object on a table, under a chair, behind a picture frame, etc. Later, as the dog learns, you can increase the difficulty.

Catch the candy

Another fun game is to pick up something he likes to eat and throw it to him so he can catch it. As in the previous game, you can increase the difficulty.