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Jaculus or rodent kangaroo, strange mascot

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Surprise! This is what I felt when I visited the pet store where I buy feed for my rabbit. In a cage near the rest of the rodents, I found a strange animal that a sign described as a “dwarf kangaroo”. Its appearance alone is impressive, and it moves between a kangaroo and a common rodent. With large eyes and long and robust legs, the jaculus jaculus, scientific name of these small animals that, for us remain rodent kangaroos, have a marsupial pouch similar to the one carried by kangaroos.

How they are

The rodent kangaroo is about 12 centimeters long and weighs about 300 grams. But its long tail can measure up to 20 centimeters. Their life expectancy is around 6 years maximum.

It is necessary to think a lot if we can really take care of them in the adequate conditions that they need, because the rodent kangaroo is an animal that needs to jump and play, and they are also very nervous. If they do not have enough space, they may become stressed to the point of death.

They sleep during the day and are hyperactive at night. Like all animals, they need a lot of affection and to feel protected.

We must take care of their extremely fragile hind legs.


At a minimum, the rodent kangaroo needs a large and very spacious horizontal terrarium cage. They bathe in sand like chinchillas. They eat grass, dried or germinated seeds, vegetables, fruits and small insects such as locusts and crickets. It also needs water.