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How to train a ferret

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Training a ferret to develop certain skills may not be a very complex process. In addition, having a trained ferret as a pet can certainly make life more enjoyable for everyone. However, it should be noted that it is not that you will be able to train it to do tricks or similar things. On the contrary, the intention is that they learn to behave in a better way and avoid inappropriate behaviors such as biting and others.

That is why in this post we have prepared some tips and advice that will help you train a ferret in simple skills such as recognizing the place where they should relieve themselves. The reality is that a ferret, like any animal, may need some direction as well as learning boundaries.

Training a ferret

Ideally, learning to train a ferret should begin as early as possible. This means that the younger the ferret, the better it will respond to training.

In order to achieve the proposed goals, you will be able to perform several actions. For example, ferrets love to bite. Many times they will try to chew on anything, so it is advisable to eliminate this habit from the root. When your ferret tries to bite, you can try some disciplinary measures such as the following:

  • Make a high-pitched, alarmed sound when you see him start to bite something. You can also try whistling.
  • Say No in a very firm voice every time you see him bite something inappropriate.
  • Hold him by the neck or nape of the neck when he starts to bite.

These types of techniques often work well for him to learn what other things he should not do.

On the other hand, you can also give him some hard dog cookies to help refocus the chewing instinct that these little animals possess.

Another action that you can apply is the one that some animal behavior experts recommend. This is spraying sour apple scent in the places you don’t want your ferret to sniff or bite. It is a product that can be purchased at pet stores.

Positive reinforcement

It has been shown that all animals, including ferrets, respond well to training based on positive reinforcement. That is, every time your pet does something good, you can reward it with cuddles, treats and praise.

This type of reinforcement allows behaviors to be associated with something positive and good, which will make training more enjoyable. In addition, they will be able to remember for a longer period of time which actions have been rewarded and will probably repeat them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should place the litter box near the place where he plays and lives. Learn to notice the signs that he wants to relieve himself and get his crate to him quickly. This way you will learn to do it in the right place.

It is even quite possible that your ferret will learn to use the litter just to get the reward. They are very intelligent little animals!

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