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How to teach your cat to recognize its name

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A kitten has arrived home and one of the first tasks will be to name it. But sometimes, people may wonder if it is possible to teach a cat to recognize its name. Experts claim that cats can both recognize and respond to names. The thing is, sometimes the cats themselves choose not to respond.

It is important to remember that the feline mind has its own particularities and as caregivers, it is important to know about it. That is, we can get our kitten to recognize and respond to its name. In general, cats will respond to their name when it is linked to positive reinforcement. Take note!

Teaching the cat to recognize its name

The task of teaching your cat to recognize its name requires mainly patience and practice. You can follow the following steps to achieve your goal:

  • Short name. It has been proven that short names of one or two syllables work best. Think of a name that is short and clear and you will get the best results.
  • Use it frequently. One recommendation is that every time you interact with your cat, use his or her name. Try to say it in a soft and pleasant tone of voice. For example, try repeating his name while playing with him or while petting or feeding him.
  • Positive association. When you call your cat by name, offer a reward such as a treat or petting. Then you can begin to associate your name with something pleasant.
  • Repetitions. Repetition is a key factor in getting your cat to associate his name with a positive experience. In addition, perseverance and patience are also key to this process.
  • Avoid punishments. In general, cats do not react well to punishment. This is why you should avoid them in your cat’s learning process. If you scold him, you could create a negative association that will hinder the learning process.

While there are certain character patterns that may repeat among cats, there will always be some that learn faster than others. Try to remain calm and patient. At the same time, it is recommended that training sessions be short and positive. Over time, your cat may learn to recognize its name and respond when called.

Surprising abilities

Cats are capable of doing a wide variety of things and possess amazing abilities. Among them is precisely the recognition of their own name, although on many occasions they choose not to respond to it. In fact, research has found that they are able to recognize their name from a variety of words.

This implies that when a cat’s caregiver says its name, the cat is perfectly capable of knowing that it is being addressed.

Another result of research on cats’ ability to remember their name was that they are able to remember it for a prolonged period of time.

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