How to teach your cockatoo to talk

Cockatoos are popular pets that are endowed with of great beauty and charisma, undoubtedly winning the hearts of all those who who have shared their daily lives with them. But another motive behind its popularity is its ability to mimic words and sounds in a manner similar to the parrots.

Although their capabilities are not equal, mainly in terms of speed of learning, clarity of language and pronunciation and fluency, cockatoos can be amazing birds. chatterboxes. It is important to clarify, of course, that this is a long process, and that patience is required, as well as the fact that not all cockatoos like to be will feel like “talking”.

With this in mind, it’s time to learn more about the basic points on how to teach your cockatoo to talk.

Advance preparation

In the area of pre-preparation enters everything that ensures the health, comfort and happiness of the cockatoo. A happy and willing cockatoo, it is a cockatoo that will learn new sounds and words more easily. At this point, in addition to making sure that your health and that their diet is appropriate, it is also important to ensure that they are in good physical health. that she feels safe in her new home and comfortable with the presence of the human.

For this reason, it is recommended to start the learning to speak formally after some time has elapsed since the arrival of the cockatoo.

On the other hand, the human must mentalize that the cockatoo will not learn from one day to the next, just as there is the There may be words or sounds that it cannot emulate or that it simply cannot emulate. not want to do so. They should never be forced or coerced to learn, and much less should they be punish them or mistreat them, because if this is the case, the cockatoo would never will learn and develop a fear of humans, especially whoever is in his or her teaching.

Before starting the learning process, the recommends to prepare a place where the cockatoo feels comfortable and where there is no distractions, especially auditory distractions. Along with this, have at hand different treats to reward her.

Steps to follow to teach your cockatoo to speak

To teach a cockatoo to speak , the following steps are taken must make use of repetition, association and routine, which are tools that essential for learning. When starting out, use only simple words and then work your way up to phrases or sentences. To the cockatoos it is easier for them to learn one at a time, because if they start to learn one at a time, they will teaching multiple words at the same time could entangle and mix them up, thus creating a usually incomprehensible phrases.

The selected word, which is usually its name or a related word, should be repeated every day during the learning sessions or every time you interact with an object that has relationship. The latter refers to the association, if we manage to associate the word or phrase with an action, and saying it each time it is performed, the cockatoo will and as he is able to emulate the word, he will say it just the right way. at the time.

Learning sessions should not be to avoid overwhelming the cockatoo, being about 15 to 25 minutes at the most, the longest normal. Each time the cockatoo tries to make a sound or shows interest in what the cockatoo is doing. that you are being told, you should be given an award. These may vary and each one corresponds to a level in order to motivate the cockatoo; the reinforcement is a powerful ally in your learning.

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