Your dog is choking: learn the Heimlich maneuver for dogs

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The Heimlich maneuver is one of the most common The main techniques of first aid, and it is used both in the humans, dogs and cats, as well as other animals. Its objective is to expel a foreign object that is obstructing breathing and causing asphyxia in the patient. animal.

Its success rate, if realized The high level of safety is the best way to save lives in critical moments, in especially if you do not have a veterinarian nearby. However, in order to perform this certain elements must be taken into account for its optimal performance and Your dog is choking: learn the Heimlich maneuver for dogs below.

When to apply the Heimlich maneuver?

To apply the Heimlich maneuver first be sure that the cause of sudden coughing and signs of drowning in the dog, is as a result of having swallowed something that got stuck in its tract. and is obstructing them. To confirm this, you can review the inside the canine’s mouth and throat with a flashlight or analyze what it was doing moments before presenting such discomfort.

The object that caused the drowning in the dog can be anything you can think of, from bones, to food, to toys. or materials that expand when wetted, and a long etcetera. It is important to verify what type of object is stuck, as it could cause too much damage or be impossible for the person to remove without tools. adequate. In general, pointed and hard objects are the ones that cause more complications.

As a last point before applying the Heimlich maneuver, other extrication techniques should be used prior to try this one. This is because there is a possibility that the object will come out easily with other techniques, or that these same techniques facilitate the success of the Heimlich maneuver.

Other techniques to be applied before use the Heimlich maneuver

The simplest way is to remove the object with the but this is only feasible if the object is in sight and not in is too embedded, in all other cases it should be discarded.

The following method makes use of the gravity to remove the object. In the case of small sized dogs, it is necessary to The hips are grabbed by their hips and placed face down, and then they are light shaking in an attempt to expel the object. With large dogs, the will follow almost the same guidelines but without lifting them in the air. Instead, their hind legs are raised, leaving their hind legs in contact with the ground. emulating a wheelbarrow.

If none of the above works, the makes use of interscapular clapping, which consists of 5 clapping movements between the canine’s shoulders. These claps should be performed as a sharp slap. using the lower part of the palm of your hand.

Performing the maneuver Heimlich

If the techniques mentioned above are unsuccessful, the last thing left is the Heimlich maneuver. To perform the Heimlich maneuver on dogs, you must first stick your chest to your back as far as possible. the animal’s chest with his or her arms, followed by locate the lower and central area of the ribs, which is also known as the mouth of the stomach.

Once this area is located, he will place a fist (in the case of large dogs) or 3/4 toes (in the case of small dogs) after the last rib, then place his other hand on top of it and apply pressure. These should be several firm and strong presses in a row, inward and upward. at least 5 times, taking care not to harm the animal. After this, lower the dog and check its mouth for the object, if it has not yet expelled it. repeat the maneuver.

After the dog expels the object, it is best to check his vital signs and take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. as quickly as possible.

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