Dog grooming: everything you need to do

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Among its top priorities are hygiene is an essential element for any dog owner, as it is essential for the dog to can enjoy a happy and healthy life. Grooming a dog constitutes more than just bathing it, and is of utmost importance to avoid diseases and ailments that may affect their quality of life.

To know and apply appropriately the different parts of grooming a dog is an essential task for both the dog’s owners and the groomers. new and experienced owners. From bathing, the routine of brushing, nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning, up to hygiene oral and dental care, find out more about this topic in Dog grooming: everything you need to do.

Characteristics of the dog

To select the methods, the tools and the most appropriate grooming routines, it is first necessary to know the to the dog. Everything related to health condition, breed, coat type, and nutrition play a fundamental role, because even though they are all dogs need the same care, not all dogs can be cared for in the same way. applied in the same manner.

The best known example has to do with a short-haired dog does not need to be brushed every day as a short-haired dog does. long-haired breed, but should be groomed once a week or every two weeks. two. These small differences are of particular importance when it comes to the select hygiene products and how often they need to be bathed or ear cleaning.

Bathing and brushing

These are the two best-known members of the canine grooming system, and they are usually the ones that almost no owner ever jump. Their presence in the dog’s life is important, but there are certain points that should be highlighted to avoid affecting the dog’s health.

Contrary to humans, dogs do not have to be bathing should be done daily as it may cause irritation, pH changes of their skin, among other problems related to their fur and skin. The weather appropriate for bathing a dog varies according to its daily activities and coat type, a very active dog with a medium to long hair coat will need more frequent baths, while one with short hair and who hardly ever gets out of the house will be fine with two bathrooms per month.

In the case of brushing, its function is to great help to remove dead skin and loose hair, of utmost necessity for medium-long haired dogs.

Nail clipping

The mere thought of this point causes a certain discomfort, but as hard as it may be to believe, yes, dogs do need to be from time to time a nail clipping. Generally, puppies and very young dogs active people do not need this as they wear out their nails naturally, but others require a monthly trimming to avoid problems with walking or to prevent them from even become embedded in the pads.

Old dogs tend to be the most affected in this case, but it can happen to anyone. To cut the nails of a dog is necessary to use a canine nail clipper, you should never use a canine nail clipper. human or other type of tool. The most recommended is to go to a veterinarian or an experienced groomer, or if you prefer to have it done by an experienced on your own, inform yourself in advance for the well-being of your furry friend.

Eye and ear cleaning

Eye care usually requires only to keep this area clean and free of spider webs, a goal that can be achieved by using a cotton pad and wiping it slowly over the area. On the other hand, the cleaning of The ear is much more delicate and requires that the person obtains the tools appropriate before embarking on it.

An important fact to know is that dogs with droopy ears or with hair covering the entrance to the ear need more continuous grooming and are prone to both mild and serious ear problems.

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