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How to stop cat fights

You may have always believed that cats ‘ only rivals are dogs, but what you may not know is that, paradoxically, cats themselves often can’t stand each other, due to their territorial nature. Therefore, if you have more than one cat as a pet, and you have witnessed fights between cats without knowing how to dissolve them, here are some tips that will tell you how to do it.

Emits a loud sound

From rattling pots, banging on a table or whistling loudly, it can quickly help end the brawl, since it will get their attention and then you can chase them away. Since cats as well as dogs are sensitive to sound, making a loud noise will cause cats to become frightened and stop fighting.

Throw a jet of water on them

Although it may sound a little cruel, do not be afraid to wet your cats, a little water will not hurt them and, on the contrary, it will dissipate the fight making them move away fleetingly. Cats hate water, so at the slightest contact, they run away in terror, avoiding further confrontation.

Detects the origin of the confrontation

Once you have managed to dissipate the fight between cats, it is important that you manage to keep them apart, and also that you look for the initial reason for the quarrel so that you can help them to settle their differences.

It is difficult for the cats to relate to each other again afterwards. You will have to support them so that the conflicts diminish, for this you can make affection to both at the same time or place them in your lap so that each one does not feel the presence of the other as a threat.

What doesn’t usually work

  • Never think that you can separate them with your hands, in fact you may get hurt in the attempt.
  • Do not try to punish them after chasing them away, since due to the cat’s surly personality, what you will achieve is to increase their anxiety.
  • Much less try to hit them or physically assault them, as they will become even more aggressive.

The fights between cats living in the same house, is more common than you think, so we urge you to be vigilant and forewarned in a situation like this, and in the same way we recommend you to take your cats to the vet if this happens repeatedly; since, according to experts, this could be due to some disease or pain, which originates such aggressive behavior.

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