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3 curiosities about cats that you didn’t know about

Cats as well as dogs are the most famous pets in the world. Hundreds of movies, books, cartoons and articles on the Internet have been devoted to interesting facts pets. Cats are famous for their independence, their bad temper and the endless hours they spend sleeping. Although they show us their emotions such as dogs are really mysterious and maybe that’s where our interest in them comes from. If you are a feline pet lover, you may be interested in knowing some curious facts about cats.

Historical curiosities

The first ancestor of the cat is thought to have lived about 30 million years ago. The first historical evidence of the link between humans and cats is found in ancient Egypt, where they were worshipped as gods. Among the curiosities of cats, the story goes that a great plague of rats that invaded Egypt causing great diseases among the inhabitants, it was the cats who were able to get rid of the plague and since then they have been honored with tributes, until they became faithful companions of humans. It arrived in America in the 17th century and its purpose was to eliminate the pests that invaded the ships and gnawed the wood. When they arrived in America, they were the favorite pets of wealthy ladies or those linked to royalty.

Curiosities of cats regarding their anatomy

Perhaps you didn’t know that cats have more bones than humans. They have 230 bones, more than we do. This allows them to be very agile, jump great distances and make incredible leaps. In addition, their ability to produce sound is much greater than that of dogs. Cats are capable of reproducing more than 100 sounds in different tonalities. It has also been shown that the claws of cats’ front paws are much sharper than their home claws, which makes them incredible for hunting. Cats being wonderful pets have become great companions for humans. Now that you are curious about cats, how about learning more about them.