5 relevant factors in cat feeding

Being the most requested pet, after dogs, has led to many assumptions about cat food. In spite of sharing a privileged place next to humans, they need a little more complete nutrients than some people assume.

Even before commercial pet food became popular, cats always required exclusive feeding, such as cream or fresh meat. This was done on the basis of the following facts:

Cats are carnivores

Unlike the dog is omnivorous, the cat is purely and exclusively carnivorous. And while domestic life prevents it from exercising its hunting instincts, it needs all the nutrients that meat can provide. This should be translated into a diet with essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6, with a minimum level of vitamins. That is why cats need foods that provide these nutrients.

They need taurine

Taurine, an amino acid, is essential for the heart, retina, bile fluid and reproductive cycles to develop properly. Cats do not produce this substance, so they must acquire it from their diet. That is why they must obtain it from some daily food source.

They also require vitamin A

It is also called retinol, which plays a very important role in dogs and cats. However, the latter do not produce it in large quantities either, and do not manage to obtain much when they occasionally consume some wild plants. It is another element you need to get from your diet.

They are sensitive to arginine deficiency

Arginine is another essential amino acid for the constitution of tissues. And cats are sensitive to the lack of this component in their food. Nor do they produce too much of it in their internal system. Another reason to prevent your health with a specific diet.

Your body cannot produce arachidonic acid.

Dogs produce this substance through fats. But this is not the case in cats, which cannot produce it because the liver cannot transform linoleic acid into arachidonic acid. This is very important for the integrity of tissues and cell membranes.

The feeding needs of cats are different from those of dogs. Only specific food for them can keep them in optimal condition, with more than seven lives ahead of them. This is what you need to know to favor this source of affection and good company.