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2 important facts to consider before keeping a pet at home

While it is great that a son from the age of 4-5 years onwards, the desire for a animal companionGiven the number of benefits this could bring to your personal development, it is necessary to analyze a couple of aspects -important to be aware of- to understand what it means. having a pet at homeEven if your children can help with the care of your pet, it is you who will bear the greatest responsibility.

Having a pet at home should not be a matter of whim.

It is necessary for you as a parent to be aware of the care and attention that any animal requires, so that you can explain to your children all that is involved in taking it home. You will have to make them understand that it is not a matter of having them for a few days and then getting bored, nor are they objects that they can play with as they please and then throw away, but that they are beings that must also be fed, cared for and loved.

Space and time available to care for the animal

Before acquiring a pet, it is important to be sure that you have enough space to have a pet at home, so that the animal can live comfortably without causing inconvenience to the family. Likewise, you must have studied – in advance – how much time the animal will spend alone, while the family is away from home.

Many people think they can leave their pet at home all day, with food served, until they arrive in the evening. Well, in reality it is not that simple, animals -just like human beings- tend to feel abandoned, bored and depressed if left alone for too long, which can have consequences on their health as well as on the facilities of their home.

The decision to acquire a pet must be previously analyzed and discussed in family, taking into consideration all the responsibility that the fact deserves. We must never forget that every living being deserves care and attention.

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