About rabbits

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Those of us who have had rabbits know that the company of these cute and cuddly little animals is one of the most rewarding experiences, although it is also compromising if you want to be a good master.About rabbits

Myths and legends

To begin with, we want to bust those old myths that say that rabbits are rabbits bring bad luck. There are cultures that link the presence of a rabbit with misfortunes and problems. But none of this has any basis in fact. On the contrary, the company of a rabbitIf it brings with it anything, it is good energy, for there are few activities as rewarding as stroking the soft, warm fur of a rabbit. rabbit.

Another erroneous belief to break with is that rabbits smell bad. The truth is that rabbits give off a warm and sweet smell, different from other animals that may have a stronger and more personal smell, such as dogs. What does happen with rabbits is that because of their fur they are easily impregnated with the smells of the environment, something unpleasant if, for example, they smoke near them.

Ready and delicate

On the other hand, rabbits are very intelligent animals. Some learn to respond by name and follow their master’s instructions. We can also teach them to relieve themselves in a cat litter box. Although it will take a lot of patience and tenacity in teaching.

They also need to get out of their cages for social life and exercise. They like to play. And they need to chew on hard things to keep their teeth healthy and short. If they grow, take them to the vet. He will trim them. His basic and essential food is hay, so make sure he never lacks it. If you don’t like it, try different brands until you find one you like.