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6 benefits of having a pet in your life

Possibly you have never thought about this because, like most people you probably have animals just because you like them and not because you expect any extra profit from this relationship. However, having a pet brings countless benefits and virtues on a physical and mental level that we sometimes ignore. Some of these are as follows:

A better state of mind

The caress of a cat or the unrestrained greeting of a dog can simply change your day for the better. Their unconditional affection simply helps to shift into a positive mood and is a source of affection that often saves people from deep depressions. And considering that life often has some very bitter moments, these furry friends can be a lifesaver in more ways than one.

Blood pressure regulators

Diet and exercise are ways to regulate body weight. However, pets help control blood pressure in a healthy way. A trial was conducted in 240 married persons who underwent blood pressure tests. Those who had at least one pet recorded lower levels than those who did not. This was also measured in children with hypertension, which decreases when they pet a dog.

Pet ownership lowers cholesterol

Owning a pet is also helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Several researches determined that a person with a pet has lower cholesterol levels in the blood, possibly because taking care of a dog or a cat ends up having less propensity to sedentarism.

Cats and dogs benefit the heart

Studies have also shown that owning a dog or cat also protects the heart. Specifically, it was shown, during a prolonged study, that those who have not owned a cat are 40% more likely to die of a heart attack. It was also found that in a group of people who had suffered a heart attack, those who had a dog recovered better than those who did not.

Anti-depression partner

Specialized therapists and psychiatrists often recommend that depressed people get a cat or a dog. This is because the unconditional love of a pet is a wealth of affection that can save a person’s life. Just petting a furry friend is a soothing and comforting sensation that is a great help in difficult times. The simple act of caring for them helps to think about something else and to connect with the surrounding world.

Physical condition

If you don’t like to exercise, walking with your dog can help you more than you think. It is a routine that combines daily walking at a steady pace. If you also use your energy to play with it, this will provide you with an excellent physical condition.

That’s how owning a pet provides a source of emotional and physical well-being, in ways you may not have thought of before.