How to potty train your puppy in one place

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One of the first things you owe teaching a newly arrived puppy is where to relieve itself, done which can be more or less complicated depending on the individual puppy and the method of training used. This is a training that at first glance appears to be intimidating, but it is vital for the dog and his human companions to be able to life, especially when they live in an apartment and the children are not walks are not daily.

However, and as long as patience, the routine and positive reinforcement are in place, it will be a matter of time before the little dog learns to relieve himself in the right place. Buthow to potty train your puppy in one place?

General information

To train a puppy, and to any dog in general, there are certain elements that the person must have into consideration. In the case of puppies, it is important to emphasize that a Unlike adult dogs, these dogs do not yet have good control over their physiological needs, so they need to go to the bathroom very often and they commit accidents quite frequently.

The most recommended age to potty train a puppy is between two and six months of age, as it will be assimilation can be achieved, but if the puppy is older, it can be to continue training with complete peace of mind.

Another important point to highlight is on the use of positive reinforcement and routine. Positive reinforcement is what should be used to train a dog, even if you want to teach him to sit, to walking on a leash or going to the restroom; negative reinforcement should never be a option for the person, as it will only damage the acquired progress and make it impossible to any future developments.

Routine together with stock analysis The canine’s daily routine is the basis of training, its presence is irreplaceable. for success in training your puppy.

Steps to potty train a puppy in an indoor toilet. specific place

In view of the above Before that, it will be time to start the training by following the next steps:

  1. Establish a routine of feeding and study how long it takes for the puppy to have the urge to go to the bathroom. Puppies usually have the urge to go to the bathroom when they wake up, after and water, play and before going to sleep, with the occasional added. Waiting time after eating and drinking ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. after such action.
  2. Choose the place where you want to the dog to relieve itself. This location may vary according to the characteristics of each person’s home, but it must be a place free from sudden noises and where the dog has privacy. However, it cannot be isolated from everything, let alone out of the puppy’s quick reach.
  3. Take the puppy to the site selected every time it is time to relieve himself or when he shows signs of of wanting to do them. It is important for the puppy to understand that this place is where defecate or urinate, some people take more or less time, but the presence of a of the routine is indispensable for them to achieve it. If a few minutes have already passed after eating take him there if you find him about to urinate or defecate take him and lead him, and if you see signs that he is eager to go, guide him with speed.
  4. Remember that the reinforcement positive can not be missed. A reward should be given to the dog each time it does something right during your training, if you are going alone, every time you urinate or defecate, if he responds calmly to your indications, and so on. Positive reinforcement is what will ultimately reinforce learning in the child. puppy, but be careful, this should only be given immediately after the puppy has dog is finished, not in the middle of the action or long after. In addition, the positive reinforcement is not limited to just treats, but also includes the caresses and games.

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