How to care for a corn snake


The corn snake is a very popular species among reptile lovers. This is because they have a calm character, easy reproduction in captivity, good size for handling and very attractive aesthetics. In this post we will tell you about how to take care of this reptile so that it can have everything it needs to lead a good and healthy life. Take note!

Care of the corn snake

The reality is that this is a very popular species because it is so easy to care for. But there will always be some rules to follow so that it can develop at its own pace. Let’s see what you will need for your snake:

  • Terrarium. At a minimum, you will need a terrarium between 80 and 130 centimeters. In addition, it should have a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. This species is nocturnal and to follow its natural cycle it should have the light off at night. The substrate must be corn. In addition, the terrarium should resemble its natural habitat, so it should have hiding places and branches for it to climb. The space should be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Bowl with water. Snakes shed their skin from time to time. You will be able to watch for this change because the skin over their eyes begins to lose its luster. At this time, you should provide a bowl of water in the terrarium.
  • Food. They are carnivorous animals, but you can choose between feeding them live or dead animals. If you opt for live animals, you should wave them in front of the snake to attract its attention. But if the choice is dead animals, it is recommended that you buy frozen mice. For a snake less than one month old, you should give it a pinky mouse every five days. Up to four months of age, the dose is two pinky mice every five days. Between four and six months of age, mice can already have fur and you should give them one per week. When he is between six and nine months old, one small mouse per week will be enough. At one year of age, one medium-sized mouse per week is fine, while between twelve and 18 months of age, one adult mouse per week will suffice. For snakes over 400 grams, the recommendation is one large adult mouse per week.

A little more about the corn snake

The scientific name of this friendly reptile is Pantherophis guttatus. It is a non-venomous snake. To catch its prey, it kills them by constriction. This is why it is a species that is not dangerous to humans.

In captivity, this snake can live up to twenty years. In the wild, the average lifespan of the corn snake is between six and seven years. A snake of this species can reach a length of about one and a half meters.

As for its appearance, it can have different mutations with striped or zigzag patterns. It can also possess colors such as white, black and purple. Thanks to its striking appearance, it is a reptile that has gained popularity as a pet.

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