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Fish hunting land animals, how scary!

This is not clickbait; as you have read in the title of this article, there are fish that for survival reasons have developed the ability to jump to the surface to hunt land animals.

Yes, they are very scary! But they do exist and today you are going to meet them…

Fish that hunt terrestrial animals

African tiger fish

This cunning fish has been perfecting its hunting techniques over time… and its prey is not easy to catch; wherever you see it, this fish hunts the fast-moving barn swallow.

How does he do it, you may be asking yourself…. Don’t worry, we asked ourselves the same question.

Well, it seems that his technique consists of chasing the swallow from the surface until he is sure he has it within reach; then he jumps mercilessly towards it at an astonishing speed.

As you can imagine, it is not an easy task to hunt these fish, but with its light and agile body and sharp teeth, it succeeds.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can see it for yourself in action:

Arowana silver

Another ferocious hunter fish that inhabits the waters of South America… They are so fast at hunting that they have earned the nickname “aquatic monkeys”.

In this case, their prey are insects, snakes and also birds that perch on tree branches.

If you want to see how they do it, press play!

Tiger shark

Sharks could not be missing in this article about fish that eat land animals.

But, don’t worry! On this occasion we will not encourage this widespread phobia, tiger sharks are not targeting humans.

Interestingly, in the Gulf of Mexico, tiger sharks have realized that migration, for many birds, is hard and can leave many of them confused and dazed, causing them to fall exhausted into the water.

And this is where the wily shark comes into play, which has long since taken advantage of this situation to feast richly.

No one believed this would happen until Marcys Drymon, a researcher at the Dauphin Island Sea lab, in 2019 caught a tiger shark off the coast of Alabama and it coughed up feathers.

He realized that they did not belong to a waterfowl, which aroused the curiosity of the researcher, who conducted studies on the matter, which revealed that the diet of this type of shark was not only composed of marine animals, but also of other terrestrial animals such as woodpeckers, larks and tanagers.