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3 best birds to keep as pets

Birds have become pets par excellence for our homes thanks to their colorful and cheerful singing they fill our homes with life. In fact, many people comment that there is no better pet than a bird, as they are much easier to handle and cleaner.

Currently, there are a great variety of pet birds that vary in size, color and song. However, there is also a cruel system of exotic bird trafficking. Around the world, many unscrupulous traders traffic in these animals, subjecting them to ruthless abuse.

If you wish to acquire one in particular, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist so as not to collaborate with the exotic bird trade. Some of the best birds to keep as pets are as follows

The parakeets

There is no doubt that parakeets are the birds par excellence in the home. Their small size and docility make them the ideal bird to have as a pet. The great advantage of having a parakeet is that they are really sociable, you can have a couple in a cage and their care is not so demanding. Although it is obviously advisable to keep its cage clean, place it in a place with good lighting, preferably in the sun, and feed it with birdseed or oat flakes.


Parrots are among the best birds to have in the home. These noisy birds have become famous for their ability to repeat and imitate human sounds, which is why many people acquire a parrot as a pet. Another advantage of having a parrot as a pet is that, if they are well trained, you can keep them out of the cage, they can even roam around the house from place to place. Parrots are also recommended due to the ease of caring for them. You will only have to keep their cage clean, feed them well and take them to the vet at least once a year.

The nymphs

Currently, nymphs have become very popular as pets in the home. This is because they are trainable, calm and relatively small in size. Besides its beautiful colors give great colorful place. They can also learn to whistle tunes and can become quite close to their caregiver. However, these beautiful birds, which usually live around 25 years, require a large cage and a very special diet that includes fruits, dried vegetables and worms to maintain their good health. Now that you have several options, choose the one you like the most, but remember that each animal carries a great responsibility when it is in our care. You will have to learn how to take care of them in the most appropriate way.

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