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The world’s most comfortable donkey and other crazy animal stories

leo the most comfortable donkey in the worldWe love to search for and learn about animal stories… In fact, those of you who read us regularly know that we have shared with you beautiful, surprising, tender, exciting, sad but with a happy ending…. And today, today we want to share with you the story of the most comfortable donkey in the world and other crazy animal stories that we assure you will surprise you… and a lot! and very much so!

In one of the many moments we spend looking for nice stories to share with you, we found this video in which we are introduced to an adorable little donkey… but very lazy.

The story of the world’s most comfortable donkey

As Christian, the presenter, rightly says, when you find yourself tired on a hot afternoon, a hammock is something very hard to ignore. And if not, just tell Leo, a donkey living in Brazil who loves to spend his afternoons relaxing in his gently rocking hammock.

We too, like Christian, are intrigued by how Leo gets into the hammock…. Quite a mystery! But, what difference does it make how it went up if the result is that adorable image.

We admit it, as of today, we are big fans of Leo.

Now it turns out that giraffes do make sounds.

It has long been believed that giraffes, due to their long necks, do not make sounds….

Well, a recent study has shattered this conviction by demonstrating that even in the wild, when alone at night surrounded by darkness, giraffes emit a curious sound.

A puppy influencer

You have to meet this little furry guy, a very friendly furry who has become an influencer on the social network Instagram….

But rather than continue to tell you about us, as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in this video, you can see and meet these funny and charming animals: