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3 essential care for your snake

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Today, snakes are among the most curious and exotic pets a person can have, and despite their reputation, they are animals that should be met personally at least once in a lifetime.

What cannot be forgotten, regardless of the species involved, is that these reptiles require care that is of utmost importance to ensure the animal’s well-being, which makes them a pet that is not suitable for all individuals.

Among the indispensable care required by a snake are:

1. The terrarium and its correct ambienceón

The terrarium, together with the food, is an essential element for the health and well-being of the snake. This must be adapted to the needs of the reptile, which includes adapting it to the characteristics of the animal’s natural habitat.

Lighting, temperature and humidity are other crucial elements that are directly linked to the terrarium. Snakes, like most animals, need to comply with a cycle of light and dark. The regulation of temperature and humidity in their environment is of great importance to them. There are many products on the market for this purpose, including incandescent bulbs, thermometers, heaters, UVB and UVA fluorescent tubes, among others.

Two elements to highlight and that should always be present in the terrarium are the temperature gradient zones, a cool shaded zone and a warm zone, along with special products that help provide UVB and UVA radiation inside the terrarium, especially if the snake has no contact with the sun.

2. Feedingón

Diet can vary greatly from species to species, but all snakes need to consume animal protein, so they cannot be fed human food (rice, pasta, etc.), vegetables or fruits. It is important that the food provided be in accordance with the size of the snake. In many cases you will need vitamin supplements, among others, to cover all your nutritional needs.

It should not be forgotten that snakes cannot be fed daily because their digestion process is very slow. They should usually be fed for a week to 15 days, but this will vary depending on the size of the prey given to them.

3. Hygiene and medical careémedical care

Snakes are particularly susceptible to diseases of different types, so it is crucial to keep the terrarium clean, including changing the water daily, removing the substrate when necessary (usually one to three weeks).

Likewise, plants or products that may be toxic to them should be avoided, as well as paying special attention to the temperature, humidity and feeding of the snake. Visits to the veterinarian are essential and should be made every six months or yearly, in case of burns, symptoms of discomfort or sudden change in the reptile’s behavior, go immediately to a specialist.

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