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Cities with amazing animals

hyenas living in harar

hyenas that approach the city of Harar in Ethiopia at night and are fed by its inhabitants.

As mankind gains ground, inevitably, the animals that naturally inhabited their spaces begin to disappear or, at least, to diminish their presence. But today we want to talk about the opposite, about cases in which this rule has not occurred, but rather the opposite.

Did you know that there are cities where some amazing animals have infiltrated and adapted to the environment and have stayed and lived there?

Cities with amazing animals

Nara, Japan

Even in this Japan is different, special and surprising. There is a city in the country inhabited by humans and also by deer of the Shika species.

But it’s not new; deer have been in the city for nearly 1,300 years. It is so surprising that today, they have become one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

New York

Magical New York is also featured in our post for being a city with unexpected animals. In this case we are talking about the peregrine falcon.

The city is becoming home to one of the largest populations of urban birds in the world, as they are attracted to its tall buildings.


Another city with animals is Chicago. And if you were not surprised by the two previous ones, here you will find coyotes. Yes, my friend, as you read it! Coyotes!

This animal in the United States is not unusual. What is surprising is that this species has chosen Chicago cemeteries, especially Graceland Cemetery, to inhabit and roam freely.

There are about 4,000 coyotes inhabiting the area. Despite this, there has never been an attack on people. A clear example that they have adapted.

Harar, Ethiopia

In the case of Harar, we are talking about big words: hyenas.

Can you imagine living in a city where, as soon as night falls, it is stalked by hyenas?
It is so shocking… But it is!

The most incredible thing is that, of course, the animals come to the city in search of food and the inhabitants gladly feed them.

Have they gone crazy? Well, apparently not, because they have a theory: hyenas have never attacked humans since humans have been feeding them, the only rule is that the animals’ offspring are respected by humans.