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Cats or dogs, who is smarter?

dogs and catsIt is clear that, on the Internet, although dogs occupy a great position as adorable animals, the truth is that kittens are the kings of the network. However, what neither won, so far, is who is smarter. And we say so far because science has spoken… Do you want to know if dogs or cats are smarter?

Cats or dogs, who is smarter? Science responds

The truth is that both dog lovers and cat lovers have plenty of arguments to defend the intelligence of their favorite pet. But subjectivity is put aside when science comes into play. And science has spoken…

And the winner is… The dogs!

According to a study conducted by researchers from 6 universities in the United States, Denmark, Brazil and South Africa, the results of which were published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, dogs have more neurons than cats, which leads to the conclusion that they are more cognitively capable.

To reach this conclusion, the scientists analyzed the brains of three animals: a cat, a golden retriever and a small mixed-breed dog.
Despite the difference in size of the dogs, the researchers concluded that there were about 500 million neurons in their brains. However, in the case of the cat, the number of neurons is reduced to about 250 million, half.
This is how it has been concluded that dogs are more intelligent, as they can be twice as cognitively capable as cats.

Measuring intelligence is not an easy task, but according to scientists, the best and most objective way to do it is to count the number of neurons, since they are basic units of information processing. Therefore, the greater the number of neuron units found in the brain, the greater the cognitive capacity of the animal.

But, if you are of the feline group, you can take solace in other studies. Although it seems clear that dogs are smarter than kittens, the truth is that several studies say that cat owners are characterized by being smarter than people who have dogs 😉