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How to teach your cockatoo to fly to you

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The first and most important thing to do before we start with the training your cockatoo to learn to fly towards you, is to remember that their emotional, physical and mental state must be adequate.

To achieve this you must take care of their environment and their health, taking care of it as much as it needs. If your pet is healthy and happy, you will surely get him to learn in an adequate way and without this presenting any problems in their development and well-being.

Then, let’s start reading some practical advice that will help you with the task of teaching your cockatoo to fly to you.

Tips to help you train your cockatoo

The tool you will not be able to do without this year process and for which you will have to prepare the ground is trust.

Encouragement through rewards, loving treatment and respect will add many points to the achievement of your objectives.

When you first receive your cockatiel at home, place it in its cage, which should be of an adequate size so that it can have space to move its wings and move around. Let him get used to his new home and try to give it a food similar to the one it used to receive. Dale time, don’t push it.

Once you observe that she feels comfortable, she begins to gain her confidence. You can start by giving him pieces of fruit or nuts, so that he will to receive nourishment from your hand, and even learn to accept you and understand you as an ally. It is possible that initially there may be rejection of their part, but be patient.

If you have already succeeded in getting him to accept the food from your hand, and you notice who is not uncomfortable with your proximity, initiate with the first direct contact. Avoid taking it, carefully encourage it to be pose on your arm or to come to you to caress it. Don’t forget the encouragement through prizes. By this time you will know what is most important to him or her. like to eat, use it to your advantage.

Include a T perch in your environment, it will facilitate the adaptation process and will allow you to have an additional place to rest.

Once you have passed this stage, you can begin to caress it. You must approach your hand carefully to avoid scaring her. If you see that she does not feel comfortable, do not continue, you must give him his time and have patience, in a few days he will understand that you won’t hurt him and that he can feel confident, he’ll know he’s in a place where he’s insurance.

When your cockatiel feels safe, loved, respected and not already perceive you as a threat, he will also have made the environment part of his everyday life, making it easier for you to teach them tricks.

To get him used to coming to you, you can place yourself in different locations by varying the distance, and start calling her, relying on your secret weapon, encouragement and the action of rewarding, will soon make a relationship between flying to you, sharing or just being close to you. and you are sure to be amazed at how much you can learn and learn from it. all the satisfaction that their company can bring you.

Please do not forget to keep her under control with a specialist and call on him if you notice that something is not right, as well as to make her space a safe place.

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