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What to do in case of hairball: rabbits

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As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”. However, if we suspect that our rabbit may have a hairball in its stomach, it is time to act without wasting a single minute. A simple and common hairball can end your pet‘s life.

Act fast

Your rabbit is apathetic, does not eat, hardly drinks, does not want to move, does not even want your company, it seems that everything bothers him, and also does not poop, or his poops are tiny or appear full of hair.

A rabbit can’t go for long without eating, so your agility and attention will be essential to save its life.

The first thing you have to do is try to get him to eat pineapple and hay. Fundamentally, he should only eat these two things, and not even the feed should be left within his reach. However, it is true that whatever the animal is willing to eat is welcome as long as its stomach is not left empty for too long. In the latter fateful case, he could go into intestinal arrest.

For hairballs, home treatment consists of lots of hay and fibrous vegetables, such as celery. He also has to drink pineapple to drag the hairs and be able to expel them. If he doesn’t want to eat it, give it in juice with a syringe without a needle every now and then.

Forcing him to drink natural pineapple juice without sugar, and an infusion of chamomile with anise for gas if he has any, is a must. In addition, you can offer him some aquiarius to hydrate him and whet his appetite.

If it gets worse, or does not improve within 24 hours, run to the veterinarian.