How to socialize kittens

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The socialization of a cat, whether it is a puppy or an adult, is a vital process that takes place throughout the animal’s life to a greater or lesser extent, helping it to adapt to its environment, to feel comfortable with those around it and to live a happy life. Socialization in kittens is of special importance, since it is at this stage that the foundations of their interaction and behavior are laid, directly influencing their reactions with other cats, animals and people.

What influences the socialization of a kitten?


In order for socialization to be carried out correctly, all the factors that may influence their behavior, their personality and the natural characteristics that a cat possesses must always be taken into consideration.

The stage in which a kitten is especially sensitive and apt for socialization is between the end of its second week of life and the ninth, here everything it learns and interacts with will have a greater weight in the future. Emphasizing that, as far as possible, the cat should stay with its mother and have contact with people and animals, but always in a balanced way and without pressure for the kitten.

Noises, stressful or threatening situations, the very nature of the parents and the way in which they interact with people, passively and actively influence the socialization of a kitten.


What is the correct way to socialize a kitten and how long does this process take?


The socialization is carried out throughout the life of the animal, which, as with humans, may change or modify its behavior due to the situations it experiences, its environment and other elements with which it may interact throughout its life.

However, socialization, adaptation or habituation to their new home may take more or less time depending entirely on the feline.

All changes, training or new circumstances that will be presented to the cat, must be done gradually, so that the cat can adapt to its environment or essential elements. The kitten needs time to get to know and trust something new; interacting little by little and in controlled environments. Positive reinforcement can be used, games and when there is an advance, a more direct contact, but always prioritizing the comfort of the kitten, without forcing it.

There is no quick and easy method that works on the spot, so it is a process that requires time and interest from the owner, since it is the positive contact and the good experiences that the cat has that will make a successful socialization.

Always keeping in mind that if what you are looking for is a super cheerful and sociable cat, and your kitty is not like that no matter how many positive experiences and interactions it has had, it is due to the very way of being of the animal in question. You should never forget that they have their own personality, and that you cannot force them to do what they do not want to do.

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