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The cold weather is coming! Reptiles

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Although they are cold-blooded animals, reptiles need warmth to live. Let’s not forget that these friendly and elusive pets come from places with a tropical climate. Winter is coming, and we must ensure the best weather conditions so that our reptile does not suffer the rigors of the cold.

The ideal temperature

The ideal temperature to keep your reptile’s terrarium is around 25 to 32 degrees. However, keep in mind that this temperature may vary depending on the species in question and the conditions of their natural environment. If you want your reptile to be warm but you can’t spend a lot of money, don’t worry, you can warm it with homemade methods.

The simplest system to generate heat in the terrarium is to place small light bulbs. However, you should be careful, because if your pet is a snake, it can curl up in the bulbs and end up with a burn or two. And, if as an emergency measure it occurs to you to place a lamp with an aquarium type screen, I warn you that this is not a good idea, because reptiles need ultraviolet rays to properly metabolize calcium. If you put a screen, they will not be able to receive these ultraviolet rays.

As a more professional method, in pet stores you can find electric cables, or even electric blankets, which you can bury in the sand. They are ideal. To install them, follow the precautions regarding electricity, water and other humidity.