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Top of the best species for beginning bird keepers

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If you are interested in keeping birds as pets and are a novice bird keeper, there are a few species that are usually considered suitable for this purpose. Beginner birders may opt for one of the species listed in this post for their conditions.

In general, these are birds that have a calm nature, as well as good endurance and, of course, ease of care. Here is the top of the most common birds recommended for beginners.

Best species for beginning bird keepers

  1. ParakeetsParakeets are one of the most popular species for beginning bird keepers. They are small, colorful and social birds. They are known for their friendly and playful personality. In general, they are relatively easy to care for and can be good companions for people who are just starting out with birds.
  2. Canaries: Canaries are small, beautiful birds, particularly known for their melodious singing. They do not require much attention and are suitable for people who prefer to observe and enjoy bird songs rather than interact directly with them. A clean and adequately sized cage, food and water will suffice. It is perfect for children or busy people who want a nice bird to have and look at.
  3. Mandarin diamonds: These small birds are colorful and easy to care for. They are social and can live in pairs or small groups. They do not require much space and are ideal for beginners due to their quiet nature and adaptability.
  4. Green-cheeked ParrotsMonk Parrots: Also known as Monk Parrots or Argentine Parrots, these birds are playful, social and can learn to say a few words. They are resistant and can adapt well to different environments.
  5. Finch. Finches are fantastic birds, inexpensive and easy to care for. It is best to have a pair, as they enjoy their feathered companions. They require little human interaction. Unlike other birds, you should let the finch out of its cage to fly around the room a lot. It is perfect for children or beginner bird enthusiasts.

Caring for a bird

Regardless of the type of bird you decide to purchase, be sure to consult a bird specialist for more information about the breed and learn about all the necessary supplies before bringing it home. A cage of the right size and the right food may be enough for them to develop and be happy. On the other hand, although you may be tempted to choose an exotic and colorful bird, it may require more complex care.

And remember that when we say that the birds we detail do not require much care, it does not mean that you could abandon them to their fate. Like any living being, a bird deserves love, attention and all the care you can give it so that it can develop in peace and happiness.

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