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5 toys for your cat that your cat will love

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Cat owners know that these pets love to play. And if you spend time playing with your cat, you will be giving him a better quality of life in a simple and fun way. In this post we leave you a list of five toys for your cat that will make him happy.

Toys for your cat

It is important to know that the main needs that cats have to meet through play is the development of their catching, chasing and listening abilities. These toys presented below are ideal in many ways.

  1. Pursue the prey. Rag mice and other more resistant materials can be used for this game. The idea is that you drag the toy on the floor, imitating the movements of an animal. This will make your cat play chase it. You can hide the toy until playtime, so your kitty will be more interested in it.
  2. Toys with catnip. You can buy a toy or a ball and fill it with catnip. There are also toys that come with catnip. These often stimulate the cats’ interest in the effects that this herb has on them.
  3. Running and searching. Toys such as balls, with a bell inside to ring when rolled, can be perfect for capturing your cat’s interest. Roll the ball, so he can see it and chase it. Try several ways to play until you find the one that most amuses and excites your cat.
  4. Interactive feeders. These types of devices can be puzzle-type or food dispensing balls. It is a matter of your cat performing some action on the device to make the food come out. This will stimulate their hunting instinct, while at the same time they will have to work hard to get the food to come out.
  5. Cat parks. In homes where there is enough space, you can put several toys that create a play run experience for your cat. You can also combine toys in different ways to avoid boredom for your cat.

Benefits of the game

Cats benefit from play in many ways. The main function of play in a cat’s life is to stimulate its hunting abilities. But it can also be a good way to strengthen the relationship if you play with your kitty.

In general, all cats like to play from the time they are very young. However, as they grow older, they become less curious and may show less interest in playing. It is recommended that you play with your cat to stimulate its interest so that it can stay active and healthy.

Toys for every age

Depending on the age, there may be different toys for cats. For example, when cats are less than one year old, toys that allow them to sharpen their nails are recommended. These are usually very thin when cats are small.

After the age of one year, it is advisable to offer them toys for adult cats such as those mentioned above.

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