Tips for traveling with your dog

Traveling with our dog can become a real torture if we do not take into account some precautions and tips to educate him before getting him in the car for the first time. the car is the best way to travel with a dog because it does not require formalities and we can take care of it, but some recommendations must be taken into account.

First of all, it is advisable to get them used to riding in the vehicle from puppyhood, to gradually eliminate the natural fear they may have of the vehicle. The first trips should be very short, small ten-minute passes, and gradually the time should be increased. If we try to make a sudden trip After eight hours, the dog may become desperate and even vomit in the car.

Caged or belted

In addition, there are safety devices to carry our pet properly. Ideally, the dog should be kept in a sufficiently large cage with good ventilation. The cage in turn must be placed in the back seat and strapped in with a belt.

If this is not possible, there are special belts for dogs that can be found on the market and keep the pet perfectly tied and safe during the trip. And finally, if the vehicle has a trunk connected to the interior, it is possible to carry it in this place, as long as our pet has us in sight.

Stops every two hours

It is also essential that the back window is open a little so that the dog has enough air, as well as making stops every two hours so that the animal can run, drink and eat.